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If you’re interested in a program that may lead to professional licensure, make sure it meets licensing criteria in your state before you apply.

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Ready to apply for an FSU online course or program? Here are a few things to know and check before you apply:

All Students

  1. Visit the FSU Admissions website to review university requirements and application deadlines.
  2. Review program requirements and deadlines on the program’s website.

Undergraduate & Transfer Students

  1. If you’re transferring in with an AA degree from a Florida public community college or university, you may be eligible for admission directly into the college of your choice. Check the FSU Registrar’s website to make sure you have completed all CoreFSU requirements and meet the minimum requirements for your selected major.
  2. If you need to complete prerequisite coursework, you can search the Florida Shines catalog to find online courses that fulfill the requirements you need to apply.
  3. Once you’ve satisfied both university and program requirements, start your undergraduate application with FSU Admissions. You can check your application status throughout the process.

Graduate Students

Once you have selected a graduate degree program, start your application to FSU. You can check application status throughout the process. Have questions? Contact the Graduate Enrollment Team at

Military Students

Check the FSU Student Veterans Center website for detailed, step-by-step instructions on applying to FSU. The Student Veterans Center provides an array of resources and services to simplify the application process for military students. They can also help you connect with the benefits that relate specifically to you and your status.

Readmissions, Non-degree & Transient Students

  1. If you are seeking readmission after a 3-semester absence as an undergraduate student (2-semester for graduate), enrolling as a non-degree seeking student, or are enrolled at another institution but interested in taking a course at FSU, review the instructions on the FSU Admissions website for readmissions, non-degree, and transient students.
  2. Those interested in certificate programs or electives only should complete a non-degree seeking application in addition to any certificate application requirements.
  3. Start the application specific to your student status with FSU Admissions. You can check application status throughout the process.