Public Safety and Security

Scott Ervin- Instructor, Panama City Chief of Police: The type of students we are looking for are those that are interested in advancing their careers. When they leave this University, not only do they have a great education from Florida State University, but they show up at their employer, they know how to do something.

Mike Zinszer - Instructor, Director of Advanced Science Diving: So we really believe not only do we teach the hands on approach, the academia and theory, but we believe without the application of the application of theories that you only got half an education.

Tom Kelley, Ph.D - Instructor, Director of Public Safety and Security: Within these distance learning courses, we are applying the information directly into real-time current events. This differentiates us from any other online program.

Narrator: Florida State University's Public Safety and Security Baccalaureate of Science degree, throughout the College of Applied Studies, offers three distinct majors to online students in preparation for a career in the Safety and Security professions. The online program is one-of-a-kind, employing leaders in the fields of criminology, underwater crime scene investigation, and defense administration.
Students work directly with the subject matter experts and internship opportunities range from employment with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the F.B.I., to NASA, NOAA, the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, and many others.

Banyon Pelham - Instructor: We have a professional capstone course that is mandatory for all student to complete which puts them working with a professional public safety and security entity before they can complete the program.

Nikki Pettey - Student, Public Safety & Security: What makes it unique is that other online classes that I've taken, they give you the assignments and they don't give you anymore guidance that way.

Zinszer - One of the unique aspects of our program is that our professors really come from the outside world, not from academia.

Ervin: I mean, it really is the faculty that sets us apart from anything else.

Kalab Hoover - Student, Public Safety & Security: The professors are really accessible, whether you are an online student or not, you still have the option to come in and talk to your professor one-on-one.

Zinszer: Even though our students are online, we still have a very intimate relationship with them where they can call us, contact us, email us directly. It's very proactive and a very positive relationship with our online students.

Hoover: I would recommend the program. It has enhanced my career. It has put me into real life situations that I apply at my job.

Pettey: The online experience at the PSS program has been wonderful. I actually would recommend it because it allows people that have jobs to be able to do their full-time job and also finish their education.

Kelley: We're looking for students who have a tendency to think outside of the box. The creativity we are able to get from young people is incredible.

Zinszer: In Public Safety and Security, we want dedicated, hardworking, and motivated students.