World Cities - Video Transcript

(male voice) World Cities and the study of world urban development is a very broad and multi-disciplinary area of study. In this course, we will be learning about Worldwide Urban Development by exploring how cities in various regions of the world have developed in unique and interconnected ways. We focus on four major categories pertinent to global urban development: history and culture, globalization, economic development, and sustainability.

More than half of the world's population currently lives in cities. Most cities have been forming for centuries through eras of global economic and political evolution. The world's cities represent their history, culture, politics, and economics. Through this course we find out why our world's cities look the way they do, what is their role in the world economy, and how globalization influences the culture of the people that live there. We also explore the social, economic, and environmental impacts of urbanization itself.

Most of us live in cities without much thought of how cities are formed or how our lives are impacted by our environment. Through this course we explore the lifestyle and quality of life issues of urban dwellers all over the world throughout history and looking ahead to the future. What you will find may surprise you.