Course Promo Video Transcript

Intro to Underwater Investigation

(male voice) The practice of conducting investigations underwater is a relatively new field to forensics. Up until now, few developments have taken place in progressing this crucial aspect of public safety. Fortunately, institutions such as the FSU Panama City College of Applied Studies are at the forefront of current research and training in underwater crime scene investigations. The fundamental introductory course offered on this material is entitled Intro to Underwater Investigation. This course explores the methodologies and limitations of underwater evidence and data collection. While discussing the history and evolution of the field, as well as the physiological effects of human exposure to compressed gas environments, students will be able to foster a foundational understanding of the basic principles associated with underwater investigations. Students will have the opportunity to work with Mike Zinszer, the director of the Advanced Science Diving Program at the FSU Panama City Campus. In working with Professor Zinszer, students can reap the benefits of studying with a decorated naval diving officer, and in doing so will substantially contribute to their own endeavors in underwater investigation.