Course Promo Video Transcript

Introduction to World Religions

(male voice) Hello and welcome to the FSU Department of Religion's course on World Religions. This course will cover the traditions and ritual practices of several major world religions. I'm Michael Goff and I'll be one of your instructors for this distance-learning course. During this course, you will acquire a basic understanding of the historical development of all major religions in the world today as well as form a better understanding of the nature of religion and will have multiple opportunities to improve reading and writing skills.
To begin, I would suggest perusing the Blackboard course site, as this is where the majority of your study will take place. You can find the learning objectives within the syllabus, which can be found under its respective tab. Be sure to check the "Announcements" on a daily basis, as this is where I will communicate with you most often. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Discussion Board forums as well. Thoughtful postings to the discussion boards are an essential component to your success in this course. If you're experiencing any technical difficulties with Blackboard or the learning environment, navigate to the "Support" tab, where you can find support articles or you can troubleshoot the problem with a Blackboard technician. If you need to contact a teaching assistant or myself please do not hesitate to do so. Our contact info can be found under the tab "Instructor Info."
You are expected to complete several tasks each week. Among these are reading assignments, both of primary and secondary texts, a 200-word writing assignment, a quiz, a required discussion board posting, and the viewing of a multi-media presentation. There is a required text for this course. It is entitled A Concise Introduction to World Religions by Oxtoby and Segal.
In order to do well in this distance-learning course, I would suggest that you spend at least 5-6 hours per week actively engaged in the coursework. Students who are self-motivated, who possess the ability to work independently and have a genuine interest in the material will succeed in this course.
I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to teach this material and I look forward to our collaboration!