Course Promo Video Transcript

Introduction to Special Events Planning

(male voice) Do you want a fascinating career in Special Events Planning? Are you ready to be prepared to design and implement a variety of special events? You will study and learn from industry experts experienced in a wide range of special events.
Are you ready to learn the tips and tools needed to create successful special events? Looking through the eyes of a planner, you will learn to embrace fundamental best practices and be able to discern emerging trends in special events planning. You will gain the necessary organizational tools and skills for careers in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, as well as in Public Relations and the Hospitality Industry.
Devote 6 to 10 hours per week to do your chapter readings, discussion group participation, and assigned projects. Successful completion of this introduction to special events planning will result in your ability to define the purpose and value of special events; describe the types of event providers, services, typical participants and users, and facilities used in the delivery of events; identify the components in event needs assessment; identify career opportunities of various agencies which plan, manage and deliver events; distinguish between effective principles of event coordination, management and evaluation; distinguish between the basic methods of event advertising, public relations, promotions and sponsorship. You will then be well on your way to a rewarding career in Special Events Planning! Join us today!