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Your First Semester: End of the Semester

Place book orders online, request course evaluation packets, copy contents from your course site, block access to materials from old course sites, and use your course evaluation report to improve your next course.

Your First Semester: Throughout the Semester

Lecture effectively, enhance interaction, use multiple media, embrace diversity, organize, utilize course reserves, write test questions that encourage critical thinking, and have students apply subject matter to solve real problems.

Your First Semester: First Day of Classes

First Day of Class
Show students your passion for teaching, collect contact information, take attendance, introduce the course website, outline goals and expectations, and convey the learning atmosphere for the semester.

Your First Semester: Before Classes Begin

Get your IDs and passwords, learn the intricacies of the classroom space, prepare a syllabus that is aligned with course learning objectives, check your textbook orders, and request and populate your course site.


Preparing to Teach Your First Semester

Prepare in advance for your first semester of teaching at Florida State University. Browse our checklists for tips, articles, and related links to mandatory administrative policies, guidelines, and best practices that can be applied well in advance of the first day through the end of the semester.

Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional strategy where the learning is centered on a problem that the students have to solve. It differs from traditional instruction in that the problem is given to the students before instruction. PBL is generally associated with collaborative learning, because students are often put into groups where they work on the problem together.

Team-Based Learning

Team-based learning (TBL) is an instructional strategy developed by Larry Michaelsen that actively engages students in active learning and critical thinking. TBL students work in diverse collaborative teams (as opposed to small groups) that stay together for an entire semester. The course is divided into 5 or 6 major units, and each unit follows a particular organizational structure. Students are expected to do assignments and come to class prepared.

Teaching Large Classes

Strategies, guidelines and resources for creating interactive environments, successful lectures, and managing the large classroom.

Classroom and Pedagogical Techniques

A framework for successful lesson delivery consists of six parts:

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