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Designing Online Discussion Activities

ODL has collected and created a number of resources to help you design effective online discussions, a critical part of the contact-hour replacement when a course moves to the online environment. Use these resources as you collaborate with your ODL course design consultant.

Problem-Based Learning

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is an instructional strategy where the learning is centered on a problem that the students have to solve. It differs from traditional instruction in that the problem is given to the students before instruction. PBL is generally associated with collaborative learning, because students are often put into groups where they work on the problem together.

Instruction at FSU: A Guide to Teaching & Learning Practices

Instruction at FSU:
A Guide to Teaching & Learning Practices

This handbook has been designed to help those instructional faculty and graduate teaching assistants who are interested in being more effective teachers. It offers strategies used by experienced instructors and presents instructional methods and techniques following four components of Instructional Design: Course Planning, Lesson Delivery, Student Testing and Grading, and Course Revision and Evaluation.

Team-Based Learning

Team-based learning (TBL) is an instructional strategy developed by Larry Michaelsen that actively engages students in active learning and critical thinking. TBL students work in diverse collaborative teams (as opposed to small groups) that stay together for an entire semester. The course is divided into 5 or 6 major units, and each unit follows a particular organizational structure. Students are expected to do assignments and come to class prepared.

Encouraging Active Learning in Large Classes

Dr. Nora Underwood

Dr. Nora Underwood is an Assistant Professor of Biological Science and a University Teaching Award Recipient (2006). She teaches Biological Science II and Conservation Biology.

Teaching Large Classes

Strategies, guidelines and resources for creating interactive environments, successful lectures, and managing the large classroom.

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