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What does it cost?

Tuition and Fees

Costs of online courses are usually equal to tuition plus a distance learning fee. Distance learning fees are authorized by Florida statute. Fees vary by program, depending on specific costs of curriculum development, technology tools, and course mentors. Each program's fees are examined annually and adjusted up or down accordingly, on a cost-recovery basis.


See FSU Admissions Residency to determine current residency status. Certain programs may take advantage of the following options to make their costs more affordable to non-residents:

  • Market Rates
    Some graduate programs may offer Market Rates to attract students from outside of the state. Market rates are based on a survey of the costs of similar programs offered by like institutions and may result in significant savings for students who don't meet Florida residency requirements. Regulations limit the number of market rate proposals each institution may submit for approval per year.
  • Academic Common Market
    Selected graduate programs participate in this tuition-savings program for college students in the 16 Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) member states who want to pursue degrees that are not offered by their in-state institutions.

Financial Aid

Degree-seeking online students are eligible for the same financial aid as campus-based students if they register for six or more hours per semester. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to satisfy the first requirement requested by the Financial Aid Office. Application status and disbursement details are availableto existing students in myFSU.

See also:

Fee Payment Deadlines and Online Fee Payment

Current online students may review financial obligations through myFSU.

Student Business Services handles all student financial matters including payment deadlines and online billing and fees. Financial aid funds are generally not disbursed until after the first week of the semester. Students can check fund disbursement and tuition payments prior to the fee payment deadline in myFSU Student Central.

If the amount of a financial aid award is not enough to cover the amount owed the University, or if financial aid will not arrive by the fee payment deadline, students can avoid a $100 late payment fee

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