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The B.S. in Social Science with a major in Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISS) offers students a liberal arts education that helps them become informed citizens who understand the myriad issues emerging at every level of society. Rather than specializing in a particular content area, an ISS program emphasizes the application of critical thinking skills and cultural and international literacy to several disciplines. Students build on this foundation with concentrations in Public Administration, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, or Geography. Radical changes in nearly all professions require that professionals learn efficiently and adapt quickly to new settings. In this program, students will acquire the skills to adjust quickly to changes in their profession, match problem-solving techniques to a variety of settings, learn new material and methods, and recognize traditions from which new cultures have emerged.

There are no required courses for this major. Students must complete the required hours of major course work from the following participating departments: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, and Urban and Regional Planning. Work must be taken in at least 3 departments. Students must have a primary concentration of 18 hours in Sociology or Public Administration, a secondary concentration of 12 hours in Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration or Geography, and the remaining 12 hours distributed among any of the remaining departments. Twenty-one hours of the major courses must be completed at FSU at the 3/4000 level. Up to 9 semester hours completed to meet liberal studies or AA requirements may be used toward satisfying ISS major course work.


Regionally accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Method of Delivery


Time or Location Requirements

Students may be required to take proctored exams at their local community colleges or local libraries.

Time to Completion

The number of hours taken each semester determines how quickly the program is completed. The average is 4-8 semesters of course work


The cost of this program is equal to tuition and fees for the Academic Year 2018-19 as stated on the Student Business Services website, plus a per credit hour distance learning fee (fees vary by course). Contact the department for more specific fee information relative to student status and location.

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