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Proctored Off-Campus Exams

Procedures for Off-Campus Students

Off-campus students in online courses must review Requirements for a Successful Proctored Testing Experience to learn about policies and procedures for arranging and taking a proctored exam. Pay close attention to the details there for all students as well as the information specifically about testing outside Tallahassee at a remote site, including the following critical points:

Does financial aid
apply to proctored
testing fees?

Yes. Because proctored
testing fees are considered
an educationally related
expense, students may use
financial aid toward their
fees, just as they would toward books and supplies.

  • Identify a proctor who can accommodate your proctored testing needs.
  • Select a proctor by the deadline (or identify an alternative one if possible).
  • Take note of proctor requirements, including schedules, fees, and identification.
  • Communicate with the proctor site in advance to confirm arrangements.
  • Abide by FSU's Academic Honor Policy, which applies to all FSU students, on campus and online, at all times.

You may also want to review the Frequently Asked Questions on Proctored Exams.

Note: Failure on the part of the student to assume these responsibilities will be a matter to resolve with the instructor and could result in a failing grade on the exam.