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Proctored Off-Campus Exams

Procedures for Off-Campus Students

Many instructors use proctored testing to assess a student's progress in online courses. Students in online courses must review Requirements for a Successful Proctored Testing Experience to help in arranging and taking a proctored exam. Review and complete the following procedures before proceeding with proctored exams.

  • Select a proctor within the first 2 weeks of the semester for fall and spring, or within the first week for summer sessions. Students coming to the main campus Testing Center, the FSU SDRC office, or using an online proctoring service must designate these choices as well. Exam information will not be distributed to a proctor unless the student has a proctor request on file at Assessment & Testing AND the student/proctor match has been approved.
  • Review FSU's Academic Honor Policy. Academic integrity applies to all FSU students, on campus and online, at all times.
  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions on Proctored Exams.

Note: Failure on the part of the student to assume these responsibilities will be a matter to resolve with the instructor and could result in a failing grade on the exam.

Registration and Payment

Fees vary for the use of a testing facility and the proctor's time to receive, monitor, and return exams. Testing facilities often require pre-payment, and receipt for payment may serve as a ticket to the proctored exam session. Some proctors also require students to bring return envelopes for paper-based exams. Assessment & Testing coordinates the delivery of exam materials between the instructor and the proctors and ensures that exams will be available at the scheduled dates and times. Note that:

  • Some proctors block out certain times or days of the week for proctored exams, such as finals week.
  • Students must arrive with enough time to complete the exam before the testing facility closes for the day. Students should not show up an hour before closing if the exam is two hours long as they will not be seated.

Students must contact chosen proctors to

  • Schedule the exam date and time well in advance of the testing window provided by the instructor.
  • Determine if there is a fee, the amount of the fee, and when it must be paid.
  • Review the exam schedule to ensure the test can be given during the window provided by the instructor.
  • Check with the proctor the day before the exam to ensure they have the necessary exam information.

On test day students must bring an ID accepted by the chosen proctor. Failure to provide proper ID will result in being turned away. An FSU student ID (and a Driver's License if there is no photo on your FSU ID) is preferred.