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Students can now earn a Master's degree in Instructional Systems online from FSU. The field of Instructional Systems is concerned with the improvement of educational and training programs through the application of research and technology. Instructional Systems is a relatively new area of specialization which draws upon the fields of psychology, communications and management in order to improve human performance.

While materials development and the utilization of technology are core skills in the curriculum, students in the Instructional Systems program also study the theoretical basis for, and receive applied training in, the total design, development, implementation, and management of education and training programs. Skill areas range from needs assessment and job analysis through system design and evaluation. The use of computers in performance improvement receives significant emphasis in the program.

Students who enter the master's program usually have little or no previous training in Instructional Systems. They represent a wide range of undergraduate majors including such areas as psychology, sociology, and English, as well as art, music, and teacher education. In the master's program, students learn the skills that will prepare them to take positions in many types of organizations including business, industry, government, and education.


Regionally accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Method of Delivery


Time or Location Requirements

The Instructional Systems Online courses are asynchronous.

Time to Completion

Online students generally take 1-2 courses per semester and complete the program in 2-4 years


The principles and techniques taught in this program cut across all organization and industry sectors - profits and nonprofits, public and private, products and services. Some specific occupations suited to this program include: Trainers, Consultants, K-12 Teachers, Instructors (especially in the military or at community colleges), Educational Technology Coordinators, Faculty, Instructional Designers, Human Resource Specialists, Higher Education Administrators, and anyone contemplating a career in training and development, curriculum planning and Internet applications.


The cost of this program is equal to tuition and fees for the Academic Year 2018-19 as stated on the Student Business Services website, plus a per credit hour distance learning fee (fees vary by course). Special market rates may be available. Contact the department for more specific fee information relative to student status and location.

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