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Okey I'm in! Now what?

Online Orientation

The Office of Distance Learning offers an Online Orientation that covers:

  • Navigating Canvas (your online learning environment)
  • Mapping your course path and getting help from your adviser
  • Registering, paying for courses, and obtaining course materials
  • Using FSU’s library services
  • Taking tests and accessing grades
  • Getting extra help with course content
  • Understanding student rights and responsibilities
  • Finding career information and getting a job!

Follow the instructions below to access Blackboard and Online Orientation.

  1. Activate your official FSU Identification (FSUID)
  2. Submit the Computer Account Verification (CAV) form. Accounts take up to 24 hours to process. If you receive an error message, please try again later. The department contact for your Program of Study will be notified that you have completed the CAV and are successfully enrolled in the Online Orientation in Canvas.
  3. Begin your orientation by selecting the "Courses and Orgs" tab, then select Online Orientation @ a Distance to begin. After you select the “Submit” button to complete the orientation, you will receive a verification email (use the Webmail button in myFSU to access your FSU email account). You may forward this email to your department if they require verification of orientation completion prior to registration.
  4. Acquire the official FSUCard by emailing your FSUCard Agreement along with a copy of your photo identification (valid driver's license, military ID, or current passport) to the FSUCard Center. You will need your FSUCard when you visit any FSU campus. Visit the FSU Card website to learn more about FSUCard services.


Registration for an upcoming semester begins far in advance of that semester. Students register for classes during a registration "window" designated by the Registrar. Every semester, online students are encouraged to:

  • Check the academic calendar for registration windows
  • Contact your adviser prior to registration to plan a schedule and work out a degree completion plan
  • Visit the Registrar's website and review the policies and announcements including the Registration Guide

To register please visit the How-To Guides for myFSU Student Central.

Contact individual departments for additional capacity if classes are full, or return to register during dates designated as Drop/Add when other students have dropped the class.

Course Materials

Books and other materials required for the course are listed on the Course Section Detail of the Course Search results. Options for accessing these materials include:

  • Selecting the link to "Buy/Rent Materials for this Course" directly beneath the title entered by the instructor in the Course Section Detail.
  • Using the “Resources” link on MyFSU’s main page to access the FSU Bookstore list of materials for the upcoming term.
  • Visiting the FSU Bookstore directly and search by course for a list of all required materials. The options to rent or choose ebooks (digital versions of traditional textbooks) will be displayed in the course material search results when available.
  • Visiting Bill's Bookstore for free shipping on traditional textbooks and nearly all materials are available for rental. Digital versions of textbooks will be displayed in the search results when available and may include a facilitator platform similar to CafeScribe such as Connect Plus.

Course Access

All online courses are delivered through the Canvas™ learning management systems, which can be accessed by logging in to

Online students are enrolled into the course sites 10 days before the first day of the semester, though the actual time that students begin to have access is up to the instructor.

For course access:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the Canvas icon
  3. Look for courses on Dashboard or in the Courses tab

If a course is not available, contact FSU ODL Technical Support.

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