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I'm in! Now what?

Congratulations on being admitted! Please follow the steps below to prepare for your first semester at FSU.

1. Activate your FSUID

First, you need to activate your FSUID and wait 24 hours for the activation process to complete. Your FSUID is your username for most of Florida State's online systems and resources, including myFSU and Canvas (both of which are described below).

If you wish to obtain an actual FSU ID card, instructions can be found below and on the FAQ page of the FSUCARD website. Distance Learning Students may obtain their FSUCard via email. Email the FSUCard Agreement, photo ID (Driver's License, Passport, etc.) and your mailing address to


myFSU serves as a portal to all of FSU's web systems. Through myFSU, students have quick access to the student information system where they can manage everything from academics to financial aid. Meanwhile, faculty and staff can use myFSU in their advising, teaching, or administrative functions.

  • On your browser, sign in to myFSU by navigating to and entering your FSUID and password. From there, you will see a snapshot of your personal information. Select any of the icons or links on the left side of the page to access Student Central, Canvas, FSU email, and more.
  • Download the "myFSU Mobile" app for iOS and Android devices. You can do this from your browser by navigating to
  • Learn more about myFSU Mobile on the myFSU Mobile page.
  • If you need help with myFSU, please contact the ITS Service Desk. They directly assist with both FSUID activation and FSU email.


Canvas makes online learning possible at Florida State. It is a secure place where you can access your syllabi, course materials, assignments, tests, discussion boards, course messages, and course calendars.

2. Register for your course(s)

Once your FSUID has been activated and your course registration window opens, you can register for your courses.

Before you register:

  1. Visit the Registrar's website ( and review the policies and announcements, including the Registration Guides.
  2. Contact your advisor prior to registration so you can create a personal degree completion plan. Or, you can use the My Planner tool if preferred.
  3. Confirm that your registration window is indeed open. Several months before the semester begins, registration opens to seniors and then juniors, etc. To determine exactly when you can register, go to the Registration Guides page and select the "Enrollment Appointments" link underneath the semester.

When your registration window is open, follow the instructions below to register for your courses.

A list of step-by-step tutorials for myFSU is posted on myFSU's How To page.

If a course you want to take is full, contact the department offering the course and ask if additional seats can be added. You could also contact the instructor for the course. Alternatively, you can always return to register during dates designated as "Drop/Add" in the Enrollment Appointments page (see the "Before you register" sub-section above, step 3). Drop/Add is an open enrollment period where all students can modify their schedules. It is possible that a seat will open as other students drop the course.

3. Review required materials

Books and other materials required for the course are listed on the Course Section Detail of the Course Search results. Options for accessing these materials include:

  • Selecting the link to "Buy/Rent Materials for this Course" directly beneath the title entered by the instructor in the Course Section Detail.
  • Using the “Resources” link on myFSU’s main page to access the FSU Bookstore list of materials for the upcoming term.
  • Visiting the FSU Bookstore to search by course for a list of all required materials. The options to rent or choose ebooks (digital versions of traditional textbooks) will be displayed in the course material search results when available.
  • Visiting Bill's Bookstore for free shipping on traditional textbooks and nearly all materials are available for rental. Digital versions of textbooks will be displayed in the search results when available and may include a facilitator platform similar to CafeScribe such as Connect Plus.

4. Browse key resources

We encourage you to visit the web pages below to familiarize yourself with Florida State's key resources:

Distance Learning Resources

General Resources


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