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How do I apply?

Online courses follow the same academic calendar as face-to-face courses. The detailed calendar provides current and upcoming semester start dates, end dates and registration windows; the extended calendar shows future semesters.

Satisfy both University and Program Requirements

University requirements: Review and satisfy requirements listed by the FSU Office of Admissions for:

  • Review transfer requirements and application deadlines for undergraduate degree programs
  • Students transferring into the University with an Associate in Arts (AA) degree from a Florida public community college or university that have completed all liberal studies requirements are eligible to be admitted directly into the college of their choice provided they meet minimum requirements for the major selected.
  • Review transfer requirements and application deadlines for graduate degree programs
Others: All others review the "Other" category at the bottom of the Office of Admissions homepage.

Program requirements
Use the links to the left to navigate to the program of interest, then scroll down to the Degree Requirements heading. Program requirements must be satisfied before applying to the University. If no prerequisites or application guidelines are are listed, undergrads simply apply to the university.

Apply to the University

After review and satisfaction of both university and program requirements, the prospective online student may apply to the university:

After ten business days, students can use the Online Status Check tool to monitor application progress. Prospective online students begin Online Orientation only after acceptance to the University.

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