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Graduate Main Campus Elective Courses - Fall 2018

The courses listed below are only offered to main campus face-to-face students as elective options. Students should be aware of the distance learning fee associated with online course sections over and above the cost of tuition.

Higher Ed Electives
  • EDH5042 Student Success In College (3)
    Prerequisite: n.
    This course examines the theories and research on student success and explores effective policies, programs, and practices that can be adopted to promote student success in higher education.
  • MUH5219 Graduate Survey of Music History (2)
    This course is a synoptic review of the history of music from Greek music to the present day and is required of all graduate music majors unless exempted by examination. Credit earned in MUH 5219 does not apply to credit hour requirements of any degree in the College of Music.
Public Safety & Security
  • CPO5429 Political Islam (3)
    This course focuses on seeking to understand the emergence, evolution and possible futures of what is commonly called political Islam. Students examine the crucial interplay between local and global forces shaping Muslim politics as a lived reality in todays world.
  • DSC5595 Human Intelligence Collection (3)
    This course examines techniques utilized to collect intelligence from confidential sources, assets and cooperating witnesses through interviewing, interrogation and elicitation. Students are also exposed to various methods to vet Human Sources and to uncover infiltration by hostile agencies and/or criminal organizations.
  • STA5066 Data Management and Analysis with SAS (3)
    This course introduces SAS software in lab-based format. SAS is the world's most widely used statistical package for managing and analyzing data. The objective of this course is for students to develop the skills necessary to address data management and analysis issues using SAS. This course includes a complete introduction to data management for scientific and industrial data and an overview of SAS statistical procedures.
Urban and Regional Planning
  • URP5525 Health Behavior and Education (3)
    This course explores and applies various theoretical models used to explain the behaviors that influence health. Educating persons about the risks of certain behaviors is a fundamental component in the holistic model of health.
Visual Disabilities Graduate Elective
  • EVI5131 Teaching Individuals with Deafblindness (3)
    Prerequisite: y.
    This course teaches students skills and knowledge to teach deaf-blind/multisensory impaired individuals. It is designed to provide knowledge related to the education of children with multiple impairments involving sensory loss. The course will include a historical perspective, pathology, the sensory systems and their relation to development and intervention strategies, and professional issues.