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Educational Leadership & Administration, MS

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Deborah Kelly

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The mission of Florida States Educational Leadership & Administration (EDA) program is to develop and enhance dynamic, high-performing leadership for the renewal and improvement of educational systems. In the EDA program, you will master a core of professional and theoretical knowledge and demonstrate skills in applied research and the practice of leadership. Program emphasis includes strong academic training, practical application of content, and associating with field experts in todays changing context of educational organizations. Program objectives are drawn from the core content identified from research and theory on educational leadership, and from the collaboration between practitioners and faculty of the department.

We offer an online Educational Leadership program with Florida certification and an online Educational Leadership program without Florida certification.


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

Method of Delivery


Time or Location Requirements

Online, asynchronous courses.

Time to Completion

2 courses/semester (6 semesters)


The program is designed to prepare high performing Florida public school teachers to become school administrators.


The cost of this program is equal to tuition and fees for the Academic Year 2018-19 as stated on the Student Business Services website, plus a per credit hour distance learning fee (fees vary by course). Contact the department for more specific fee information relative to student status and location.

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