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Course Evaluations - Students

Course Evaluations

At Florida State, student feedback matters!

How do courses get evaluated?
Each semester, students will be asked to evaluate courses and instructors using the SPCI (Student Perception of Courses and Instructors) evaluation form. Students will receive notification when the evaluation window is open and reminder notifications to complete the surveys. A pop-up window will also appear when students log in to Canvas if they haven’t completed their evaluation surveys.

How are evaluations used?
Faculty use information from the SPCI to improve courses, programs, and teaching methods. Course evaluations also help instructors determine whether course content is meeting the needs of their students. Department chairs and college deans use course evaluations to assess faculty and the effectiveness of the courses in the program curriculum.

Are the evaluations anonymous?
The evaluations are absolutely anonymous. FSU has contracted with an outside vendor (EvaluationKIT) to manage and store the evaluation data. FSU technology administrators do not have access to the student’s identifying data on any evaluation.

Public Access

Students may view all SPCI course evaluations (since the fall 2013 term) using the public site; this is often helpful when they are choosing courses to add to their schedule. Students may use the archived portal site to search for course evaluations from fall 2003 through summer 2013 terms, and summary reports from spring 2006 through summer 2013 terms. Earlier evaluations can be found in the paper archives of the respective departments and in the University Archives of Strozier Library on the main campus.