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Can main campus students take online courses?

On Campus and Online

Many FSU main campus students are interested in taking online courses in addition to face-to-face courses.

From which courses may I choose?

Each student is assigned a location code at admission. Likewise, each course section is assigned a location code which corresponds to the student population for which it was created. Students can only register for course sections with matching location codes, with a few exceptions. Main campus students can only register for online course sections built specifically for main campus students, and not sections built for strictly distance learning students. Students should be aware of the distance learning fee associated with online course sections over and above the cost of tuition for both main campus and distance learning students.

Use the MyFSU portal to search for online courses open to main campus students:

  • From the portal, follow this "How-To"
  • Select the year and term of interest
  • Keep "Campus" field as "Tallahassee"
  • Select "Physical Location" next to "Course Attribute"
  • Select "Online" next to "Course Attribute Value"
  • Select "Search"

What if I go home for the summer? Can I take online classes from there?

Location codes don't normally change based on temporary displacement such as breaks or vacations. The same main campus online class sections are available to students whether they are physically on campus or off. However, students should be aware of the testing requirements for each course selected, as they may require proctored exams at FSU's Assessment & Testing facility. Review How does it work? See also Tests & Test-taking.

Online courses built only for main campus students are found within Online Elective Courses. For additional options, please follow the Course Search Instructions above.

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