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Student Responsibilities

Testing Center

University Center C, Suite 1100
Current hours, parking, and driving directions

All exams must be scheduled in advance. Please visit our RegisterBlast page for availability of CLEP, TEAS, Modern Language Placement, and other Distance Learning exam times.

Scanning Services

Monday-Friday, 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm
University Center C, Suite 2200


  1. If you are in a distance learning or online class, you must complete the Online Proctor Designation Portal within the first two weeks of the semester for fall and spring, and within the first week for summer sessions, even if you intend to schedule exams at the Office of Distance Learning’s (ODL) Assessment and Testing facility. Note: Test staff may not be able to proctor certain exams for those who submit the form late.
  2. If you are eligible for support from the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) at FSU, and you are testing at the FSU Campus, please choose the SDRC as your designated proctor if you are in a distance learning course, and then contact Testing Center staff to ensure your exam will be available. If your accommodations are limited to extra time allowed on exams, you may come to the Testing Center instead of the SDRC facility, but be aware that extended  time is the only exception that can be made at our facility.  If you choose this option, you must contact Testing Center staff  with proof of accommodation from  the SDRC before you arrive to take your exam, and your exam  appointment must be made in advance through RegisterBlast
  3. Address disputes with the course instructor, not the testing staff. Test facilities are not responsible for grades, test questions, answers, scores, or addressing student concerns about being turned away for any reason.
  4. Abide by the FSU Honor Policy and Student Conduct Code.

Students testing at the ODL Assessment and Testing facility:

Registration and Check-in:

  1. Distance/Online Students: Within the first two weeks of the semester (first week for summer), use the Online Proctor Designation Portal to select the FSU testing center as your proctor. Note: Test staff may not be able to proctor certain exams for those who submit the form late.
  2. Sign up for a time slot in advance through the link provided on your course site, or go directly to RegisterBlast and find your course. Please see the RegisterBlast Policy for further information.
  3. Present a valid FSU ID card with clear photo and legible name to check in. No other form of ID will be accepted. Additional identification may be required if the FSU ID photo is outdated or not easily recognizable.
  4. Arrive on time, within the exam window, check in at the reception desk in UCC1100, and proceed to the testing room to be seated for testing. Those who are late will not be allowed to test and will be referred to the instructor. See facility hours of operation. Note that instructors are solely responsible for informing students about the exam window and seating window.

When in the Testing Center:

  1. Bring your FSU ID and any approved materials for the test. Other personal belongings that will not fit in pockets, including all wrist watches and all electronic devices and phones, must be put in a bag provided by the Testing Center and may not be accessed inside the testing room. If a student accesses the contents of a bag during an exam, the exam is terminated and the student is dismissed from the facility. Bags must be left at the bag receptacle upon leaving the testing room.
  2. Turn all cell phones completely OFF. If a student's cell phone is on or makes ANY noise (ring, vibration, beep, etc.) in the testing room, the exam is terminated and the student is dismissed from the facility.
  3. Do not bring loose papers into the testing room unless specified by the instructors. If scratch paper is allowed on the test, it will be provided and must be surrendered before leaving.
  4. For FSU-sponsored exams, hoodies and hats with brims (ballcaps, etc.) must be removed and placed in the bag, but headscarves and headbands are permitted. External test sponsors like CLEP and TEAS prohibit any headwear unless worn for religious reasons. For these exams, if your headwear is not shown on your photo ID, we cannot allow you to wear it into the testing room. Please contact the test sponsor if you wish to dispute their policy.
  5. Request for restroom breaks requires showing a proctor content of pockets and documentation of time elapsed. Time taken for restroom breaks will not extend the time allotted to complete an exam.
  6. Exhibit proper decorum in the testing facility. Talking (except to the proctors) is not permitted in the test room. Other behavior toward students or staff that is disruptive to the testing environment is prohibited.
  7. Do not leave the facility with any test content (questions, directions, etc.) or with any student responses.
  8. Use computers in the testing room for testing purposes only.

We expect students to abide by the FSU Honor Policy and Student Conduct Code. Violations of the above policy may result in dismissal from the facility.  Cheating, disruptive behavior, or leaving the facility with any test content or student responses may result in a student being prohibited from using the facility for the remainder of the semester (a student may appeal this determination to the center director).  In such case, the student will need to work with the instructor(s) to identify other options for administering testing.  Additionally, concerning behaviors may be referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities for further action, or reported as an Academic Honor Policy violation.

Students testing at a remote site:

  1. Review the exam schedule with the prospective proctor prior to submitting a selection with the Online Proctor Designation Portal. Note: Students must make appointments with proctors for testing at external proctoring sites.
  2. Distance students are required to verify all information, such as address, email, telephone number, proctor name, etc. with the proctor site prior to proctor selection.
  3. Submit the Online Proctor Designation Portal within the first 2 weeks of the semester for fall and spring, or within the first week for summer sessions; late submissions are subject to rejection.
  4. Distance students that do not see an available proctor within their area are required to investigate the location for a suitable proctor and submit an Alternative Proctor Form at least 2 weeks prior to the exam window date. An Alternative Proctor Form is also required two weeks prior to the exam window start date for students needing to add or change their selected proctor.
  5. Contact testing staff by phone (850-644-8696) or email should you require a facility that is not listed in the Proctor Designation Portal.
  6. Schedule the exam date and time with the proctor well before the testing window provided by the instructor. Please be aware that:
    • Proctors often reserve certain times or days of the week for distance learning exams; e.g., finals week.
    • Students must familiarize themselves and adhere to the policies of the proctoring location.
    • Students must arrive with enough time to allow the full time for the exam; for example, do not show up an hour before closing if your exam is two hours long or you will not be seated.
    • Students must check with the proctor at least two business days before the testing window begins to ensure they have the necessary exam information.
    • On test day, the student must bring one of the following forms of photo ID. Failure to provide proper ID will result in being turned away. Note: An additional form of photo ID may be required if the photo is outdated or not easily recognizable.
      • FSU student ID
      • State-issued driver's license
      • Government-issued photo ID (passport, etc.)
  7. Pay required fees for proctored tests at remote facilities. Students are advised to get fee information in advance including the amount and when it must be paid. Testing facilities often require prepayment and receipt for payment may serve as a ticket to the proctored exam session.
  8. Abide by the FSU Honor Policy as well as any policies and procedures required by the chosen testing site.

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