• COVID-19 Impacts on Testing

    The main campus Testing Center is now closed and will remain closed through the end of the Spring 2020 semester. We are coordinating alternatives to in-person proctoring (including alternative strategies and remote proctoring for all local and remote students) and will communicate details as soon as possible. Please watch for announcements from your instructor and stay tuned to our website and social media feeds.

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On-Campus Testing

Our NCTA-certified Testing Center administers over 100,000 test sessions a year to FSU students and the surrounding community.* We are committed to providing an accessible, service-oriented, and comfortable testing environment for all our testers. Real-time, high-definition video surveillance combined with attentive, on-the-floor monitoring ensures the academic integrity of the exams we proctor.

Students in FSU online courses who wish to test on campus must designate the FSU Testing Center as their proctor within the first two weeks of the semester (or first week of summer).

Exams Offered

We offer a variety of exams for FSU and non-FSU testers. Tap or click on the exam for special instructions and fee information:

Exam Costs

Fees vary depending on the exam. Current fee information for each exam is provided during the exam registration process.

  • With the exception of CLEP and TEAS, most exams are free to enrolled FSU students.
  • Non-FSU students typically pay $15.50 per exam to test in our facility, with a few exceptions.
  • Please be aware that some exams, like CLEP and TEAS, assess an additional fee.


FSU is committed to the academic success of all students. The Office of Accessibility Services (formerly the Student Disability Resource Center) provides a full range of testing accommodations for qualified FSU students. To receive services, students must apply and be qualified through the Office of Accessibility Services and can then schedule proctored testing through their website.

If the only accommodation needed for testing is extra time, the FSU Testing Center is equipped to provide extra time accommodations under certain conditions. To ensure you receive appropriate, extra time accommodations, you and your instructor must arrange services with us well in advance of test day. See our Testing Accommodations page for instructions.

Proctor Designation

If you are an FSU main campus student enrolled in an online class, you need to designate the FSU Testing Center as your proctor via the online Proctor Designation System. You need to do this within the first two weeks of the semester (or first week for summer). If you submit the designation past the deadline, the Testing Center may not be able to proctor your exam.

How to Register for an Exam

To register for an exam, reserve your seat in the Exam Registration System. Exam slots open for registration two weeks before the exam's start date and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that only testers with appointments will be seated. We do not allow walk-ins.

How to Reschedule an Exam Appointment

  • If your appointment is for a future date, you can reschedule it yourself in the Exam Registration System, assuming there are still remaining slots when you reschedule.
  • Missed appointments must be rescheduled by emailing the Registration Administrator and requesting a cancellation of your missed appointment. Once the registration administrator cancels the appointment, you will be able to select and sign up for a new time slot as long as one is available. If no slots are open, refer to your course syllabus for guidance from your instructor.
  • If you miss your appointment because of an emergency, refer to your course syllabus for guidance from your instructor about missed exams and required documentation. Only your instructor can request an extension for makeups.

What to Bring

  • FSU students are required to present a current, valid FSU ID card with a recognizable photo and will be turned away without one. Be prepared to show an alternate, government-issued ID if your name is not legible, photo is not recognizable, or if you are taking the TEAS exam.
  • Everyone else should bring a current, valid government-issued, photo ID (eg, driver’s license or passport). Photos on IDs are checked to verify your identity, and testers whose likeness cannot be verified against the ID will be turned away.
  • A letter from your dean is required for FSU and TCC students taking CLEP exams.

When to Arrive

On the day of your exam, arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and check in at the reception desk. If you are late or there is not plenty of time to complete your exam before closing, you will not be allowed to test and will be referred to your instructor. Always allow extra time for parking if you are driving to the Testing Center. See Hours, Parking & Directions for more information.

*Certification by the National College Testing Association (NCTA) means that the FSU Testing Center operates under the highest accepted standards and procedures for all types of testing and has demonstrated mastery of testing industry best practices.

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