• Revised Academic Honor Policy

    The Academic Honor Policy is an integral part of FSU's academic environment. If you're taking a proctored exam, make sure you're familiar with the most current policy. It outlines expectations for the integrity of your academic work, procedures for resolving alleged violations, and rights and responsibilities of students and instructors throughout the process.

    Note: Current policy only applies to cases managed on or after August 22, 2022.

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Proctored Testing

Proctored testing is a common feature of distance and online courses that helps the university ensure academic integrity and comply with federal regulations about student identity verification. It's also used to accommodate face-to-face courses when the classroom environment is not conducive to secure testing.

On-Campus Testing

The FSU Testing Center offers proctored testing services for a variety of exams, including Modern Language Placement, CLEP, and Certiport. Seats are offered on a first-come basis. Taking a test in Honorlock? Skip to Remote Testing via Honorlock for instructions. 

Exams Offered

Many exams previously administered in the Testing Center are now available online, including the Florida Civic Literacy exam, the Modern Language Placement exams, and the Accounting Competency exam.

The following exams are currently offered in the main campus Testing Center:

Exam Costs

Fees vary depending on the exam and payment method. Please note the following:

  • Modern Language Placement exams are free to FSU students.
  • FSUCard holders can receive a $3.50 discount by paying with FSUCash upon arrival to our testing facility.
  • Some exams, like CLEP assess a separate fee that must be paid directly to the exam provider (College Board for CLEP).
  • Please see our Exam Costs article for more details.


FSU is committed to the academic success of all students. The Office of Accessibility Services (formerly the Student Disability Resource Center) provides a full range of testing accommodations for qualified FSU students. To receive services, students must apply and be qualified through the Office of Accessibility Services and can then schedule proctored testing through their website.

The FSU Testing Center is equipped to provide extra time accommodations under certain conditions. To ensure you receive appropriate, extra time accommodations, please contact us at testing@fsu.edu

How to Register for an Exam

To register for an exam, reserve your seat in the Exam Registration System. Exam slots open for registration 2-4 weeks before the exam's start date and are available on a first-come basis. Please note that only testers with appointments will be seated. We do not allow walk-ins.

How to Reschedule an Exam Appointment

You can reschedule a missed or future appointment in the Exam Registration System as long as there are still remaining slots when you reschedule. If no slots are open, contact us at testing@fsu.edu, but please note that all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What to Bring

  • FSU students and staff should bring their FSUCard. Be prepared to show an alternate, government-issued ID if your name is not legible or photo is not recognizable on your FSUCard.
  • Non-FSU testers should bring a current, valid government-issued, photo ID (eg, driver’s license or passport). Photos on IDs are checked to verify your identity, and testers whose likeness cannot be verified against the ID will be turned away.
  • Certain exams, like CLEP, may require you to provide an exam registration receipt or letter of approval. Be sure to locate your exam in our Support Center to confirm you have all required documentation prior to arriving.

When to Arrive

On the day of your exam, arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and check in at the reception desk. Always allow extra time for parking if you are driving to the Testing Center. See Hours, Parking & Directions for more information.

What Safety Procedures are in Place?

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our testers and proctors and are closely following all  FSU health guidelines. See our Health Safety Measures for more information, and please note that we reserve the right to refuse services to any tester who is unwilling to abide by all safety procedures.


Off-Campus Testing at an Approved Facility

Your instructor may be using alternative assessment strategies, including the use of Honorlock (detailed below), in place of off-campus testing facilities. We encourage you to watch for communication from your instructors about proctored testing requirements for your courses. If your instructor requires proctored testing at an off-campus testing center, your instructor may need to help you make any necessary arrangements with a local testing center. Please note that proctored testing facilities typically charge for testing services. If you are testing in a testing facility, be sure to contact the facility for information on testing fees before you register for an exam. Also, many testing centers do not permit the use of mobile phones in their facility. If this is the case, you can request a two-factor authentication (2FA) bypass token ahead of time from the Information Technology Services (ITS) Service Desk so that you can access your exam.

Remote Testing via Honorlock

Instructors may direct students in remote and online classes to take proctored exams with an online service provider. FSU contracts with Honorlock for this service. You'll take your exam on your own computer via the internet. Exam sessions are recorded and reviewed by your instructor.

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