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Online Mentor Training Course

For more information or to request enrollment, please contact:

Liying Miao
Instructional Development Faculty
Office of Distance Learning
Florida State University

Online Mentor Training Handout (PDF)

The Office of Distance Learning offers a four-week self-paced online training course for online mentors at Florida State University. This training provides online mentoring strategies, addresses FSU policies, and provides guidance and best practices for using Canvas™ tools.

A certificate of completion will be issued when mentors successfully pass the quizzes and complete all the assignments for the four lessons outlined below.

Course covers:

1. Introduction to Online Mentoring

  • The Mentor Role
  • Characteristics of Online Students
  • Successful Online Students
  • FSU Policies

2. Obtaining Assistance with Canvas

  • What is Canvas?
  • Canvas User Support
  • Other Resources on Canvas Use

3. Managing Online Communication & Discussion

  • Promoting Communication & Interaction
  • Selecting Proper Communication Modes
  • Using Good Netiquette
  • Utilizing and Managing Email
  • Managing Discussion Boards
  • Facilitating Group Work & Collaboration

4. Issues in Grading & Assessment

  • Using the Assignment Tool
  • Featured Assessment Tools
  • The Grade Center
  • Help Students Access Grades

Note: ODL Online Mentor Training is supplemental instruction designed to help prepare you for the unique characteristics of the online teaching and learning environment. It is not a substitute for or an alternative to the required teaching preparation and policy training offered by FSU PIE. Academic deans certify the competence of teaching assistants (including online mentors) per University-wide standards. Those standards include a process for certifying persons who are unable to attend the on-campus PIE Teaching Conference.

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