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Online Instructor Training Level 1

For more information or to request enrollment, please contact:

Liying Miao
Instructional Development Faculty
Office of Distance Learning
Florida State University

Online Instructor Training Level 1 Handout (PDF)

The Office of Distance Learning provides support to Florida State University faculty who are teaching online academic courses. This training course provides basic information to help instructors prepare for their first online class. There are five units in this course (outlined below), and it will take you about two hours to complete each unit.

A certificate of completion will be issued when you successfully pass the quizzes for all units.

Course covers:

1. Online Instructor Readiness

  • Online Instructor Role
  • Online Instructor Responsibilities
  • Time Management
  • Blackboard User Support

2. Understanding Florida State Policies

  • Academic Integrity
  • Copyright
  • ADA

3. Obtaining Assistance with

  • The Blackboard System
  • Convert Course Content

4. Managing Online Communication & Discussion

  • Communication Climate
  • Communication Modes
  • Using Good Netiquette
  • Internet-Based Correspondence
  • Discussion Boards
  • Group Collaboration

5. Grading and Assessment

  • The Assignment Tool
  • SafeAssign and Turnitin
  • Grade Center
  • Statistics Tracking
  • Proctored Exams