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Scanning Services

Hours & Information

Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm.
University Center C, Suite 2200

We offer a range of scanning services to individuals and units within the University as well as to the community at large. These services involve using mark-sense forms to collect responses for paper-based multiple-choice exams and surveys. We use a drop-off service with two drop-off locations.

We are pleased to offer a new, convenient way to book scanning appointments:

FSU instructors, book your scanning appointment here.
Non-FSU clients, book your scanning appointment here.

Please book scanning appointments at least 24 hours in advance.

Drop off Locations

University Center (Building C), Suite 1100

  • The drop box is located inside the Testing Center on the first floor.
  • Drop off hours are Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-5pm during the Fall and Spring semester.
  • With a valid FSU Parking Permit, you can park in the loading zone for up to 15 minutes.

Strozier Library

  • The drop box is located on the main level in front of the security desk before the turnstiles.
  • Exams can be dropped off at any time during the Library's operational hours.
  • Our staff will pick up exams at 10:30am and 2:30pm daily.

Drop off/Preparation

When arriving at either location listed above, follow these steps to properly drop off your forms:

  • Fill out the job receipt provided. Make sure you fill out all information correctly and legibly to prevent your scan job from being delayed. 
  • If there are multiple groups, separate them with the rubber bands provided.
  • Place the forms, receipt, and USB (if applicable) inside the brown or red folder provided, and place the folder in the drop box.

Turnaround, Quality, and Security

Pick up

  • There is a guaranteed 24 business hour turnaround time for all scan jobs. However, once the job has been completed, reports will be released to the instructor on record and a notification email will be sent stating the job is ready for pickup. In order to receive the job, the instructor or designated runner must have their FSU ID if it is an FSU-related job, or photo ID if it is an outside job.
  • Materials from scanning jobs are retained for one year before being securely shredded.

Pick up at UCC (Testing Center)

  • Pick up is available Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm. (Closed 12-1pm.)
  • With a valid FSU Parking Permit, you can park in the loading zone for up to 15 minutes.
  • Go upstairs to UCC-2200 and speak with the receptionist at the front. They will get your name, and we will bring your materials to the front for you. Make sure to have your FSU ID ready.

Pick up at Strozier Library

  • To pick up a job dropped off at the library, proceed through the turnstiles and go to the circulation desk on the right. You will need to present your FSU ID to the designated personnel to retrieve your materials.
  • Please note that because of space limitations, items not picked up at Strozier may be brought back to UCC for storage after 1 month from order date.

Quality Assurance
For tracking purposes, Scanning and Evaluations keeps complete records of all job-related information, including dates and times of job intake, scanning, and return. Data files and reports are routinely checked for obvious errors and problems. Should you detect irregularities in the scanning or reporting of forms, please contact our office.

Security and Confidentiality
To ensure confidentiality of materials and integrity of the process:

  • Materials are handled exclusively by designated scanning personnel and are never left unattended.
  • Access to the office is restricted. A security system protects against intrusion after hours.
  • All materials are treated as confidential.
  • Staff will NOT adjust, delete, or modify information on a key. Please ensure all information is accurate before requesting scanning.
  • Do NOT include a hard copy of the actual paper test.

Analysis & Reporting

We offer a variety of reports and methods of reporting. There is a sample binder of the reports located at each drop box. This binder includes pictures and explanations of each report. 

Pricing & Payments

Generic forms and scanning are free to instructors for use in FSU courses. Scanning services are free for non-funded research by FSU faculty and graduate students, and for FSU administrative purposes. All funded FSU projects and external customers are charged according to the Scanning and Evaluations price list.

Form Ordering

If you would like to order forms, come to UCC-2200 (second floor above the Testing Center) and speak with the receptionist at the front desk. We offer the following generic mark-sense forms:

  • 5-Option Form: 240 questions, 5 options each
  • 10-Option Form: 120 questions, 10 options each
  • 99-Option form: 92 questions, 99 options each

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