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Scanning Services

Assessment & Testing Facility

Testing Center
Testing is located in University Center C, Suite 1100

8 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday.


All exams must be scheduled in advance!

Scanning Services
8 am - 5pm Monday through Friday
University Center C, Suite 2200

Please Visit our RegisterBlast page for availability of CLEP, TEAS, Modern Language Placement, and other Distance Learning exam times.

The Assessment & Testing facility is closed for all FSU recognized holidays.


A range of scanning services is available to individuals and units within the University as well as to the community at large. These services involve using mark-sense forms to collect responses for paper-based multiple-choice exams and surveys.

Our job tracking system allows us to track each scanning job from the time it enters our office to the time it is picked up by the customer. This web-based system offers increased protection for sensitive data and more efficient processing. Be prepared to provide information about yourself and the services you request to our receptionist. Each job is tracked via a receipt that contains a description, date, time, location of job intake, and barcode.


In addition to our main office at the University Center (Building C), we provide course exam scanning services at the Scholar's Commons located in the Strozier Library. Read more about hours and preparation for Scholars Commons scanning services.


  • All scan forms should face the same direction. If scanning multiple groups, clearly divide them using a rubber band, binder/paper clip or folder.
  • Make sure the answers are bubbled in darkly especially in the center of each bubble to the point that you can no longer read the letter.
  • If your scan job requires an answer key please
    • clearly mark "Key" in the name area or special coding area to ensure accuracy
    • place each key on top with the corresponding group
    • prepare answer keys for multiple-choice exams using this short list of best practices

Turnaround, Quality & Security

The turnaround time for a scan job depends on the number of forms and on the number of scan jobs in the queue. Course-related tests, grades, and course evaluations take precedence over other jobs.

  • Pick-up
    You may choose to wait for your job or come back at a later time. Should you decide to return for pick-up, you will receive an e-mail confirmation when your processed exams are ready at UCC. Note that you or your designated runner will need a photo ID to pick up exam results.
  • Quality Assurance
    For tracking purposes, Assessment & Testing keeps complete records of all job-related information, including dates and times of job intake, scanning, and return. Data files and reports are routinely checked for obvious errors and problems. Should you detect irregularities in the scanning or reporting of forms, please contact Assessment & Testing.
  • Security and Confidentiality
    To assure confidentiality of materials and integrity of the process:
    • Materials are handled exclusively by designated Assessment & Testing personnel and are never left unattended.
    • Access to the Assessment & Testing office is restricted. A security system protects against intrusion after hours.
    • Customers with highly sensitive materials are encouraged to remain present during scanning for added security.
    • The results of a scan job can only be picked up by the main contact person or a designated runner. The job receipt and ID must be presented at time of pickup.
    • All materials are treated as confidential.
    • Assessment & Testing staff will not adjust, delete, or modify information on a KEY. Please ensure all information is accurate before requesting scanning.
    • Do NOT include a hard copy of the actual paper test.

Form Selection

Select from the following generic mark-sense forms


Analysis & Reporting

View and select from standard reports and data transfers. Note that all reports are printed double-sided unless you request otherwise. Consider electronic reports to save paper and help the environment.
A sample report binder is available at our front desk for your convenience.

Pricing & Payments

Generic forms and scanning are free to instructors for use in FSU courses. Scanning services are free for non-funded research by FSU faculty and graduate students, and for FSU administrative purposes. There is an at-cost charge for forms.

All funded FSU projects and external customers are charged according to the Assessment & Testing price list.

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