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Canvas Transition

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It’s official: Florida State is moving to the Canvas learning management system (LMS) and leaving Blackboard (Bb) behind. This transition will last approximately a year, giving you time to prepare your Canvas course websites for the Spring 2018 semester. At the conclusion of the Fall 2017 semester, courses will no longer be taught in Blackboard. 

Don't panic!

Students, we think you'll love the new LMS. Here's what you need to know for now.


Instructors, Canvas offers the same features and plugins that Blackboard currently provides:

  • The Announcements, Grade Center, Assignments, Assessments, Discussion Board, and Rubrics features each work amazingly well in Canvas.
  • All the tools you currently use in Blackboard, including Bb Collaborate, will be available in Canvas with the exception of SafeAssign.
  • Canvas can be used to host groups or organizations that have similar features as Bb Organizations.
  • Course creation and course enrollments will be automated for instructors. Instructors can cohort their sections together using Canvas’s Cross Listing feature.
  • Our Final Grade Transfer Tool will be redeveloped for Canvas.

Nearly every facet of Florida State’s new learning management system (LMS) will be an improvement over Blackboard. Recent surveys show that Canvas is cleaner, more flexible, easier to navigate, and requires fewer clicks on day-to-day tasks. For an extensive comparison of features, peruse our Canvas Crosswalk.




About the Canvas LMS

Canvas is owned by Instructure, which was established in 2011 and has quickly taken hold of the LMS industry. Here’s what Instructure thinks about Canvas:

Why move away from Blackboard?

In January 2016, the Board of Governors selected Canvas as the preferred LMS for the state of Florida and strongly encouraged universities to carefully consider the pros and cons of a transition to the system. In response, Florida State created an Opt-In LMS Feasibility Workgroup in February to evaluate the feasibility of adopting Canvas. The workgroup recommended the LMS change in May after determining that the functionality and ease of use offered by Canvas would best serve the needs of our faculty and students.