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Evaluating Courses & Methods

Course Evaluations

Beginning fall 2016 term, online course evaluations will be conducted using EvaluationKIT online course evaluation software. The default survey instrument is the Electronic Student Perception of Courses and Instructors (eSPCI), used at Florida State since fall 2013. PLEASE NOTE: The ordering system for evaluations will now default to the sSPCI, but administrators may change orders if desired to use the paper-based: Student Perception of Courses and Instructors (SPCI).

Course evaluations allow students to rate the course and the instructor on a number of predefined scales and provide additional feedback in open-ended questions.

Course evaluations are required of instructors (faculty, adjuncts, and graduate assistants) who teach undergraduate courses with ten or more students in fall and spring terms, or graduate courses with five or more students in fall and spring terms. Please see Course Evaluation Policies and Procedures for additional information.

Quick Links

Instructions for Requesting Evaluations
Early Paper Packets Request Form
Petition for Paper Late Packet Form

Adding Custom Questions to the eSPCI

Instructors will receive notifications when the window is open to add questions specific to the course. The responses to custom questions added by the instructor will only be available for review by the instructor. Please view the instructions for adding custom questions for more information.

Viewing Reports

Instructors will receive notifications to view summary reports of course evaluation data when the survey window has closed. They may follow the link in the notification, use the EvaluationKIT module link in Canvas, or log in directly to the FSU EvaluationKIT site to access evaluation reports. Please consult the instructions on how to view survey results for more information.

Note: For sections comprising fewer than five students, the instructor must contact his or her department course evaluation administrator to have such sections combined with other sections in order to produce reports. This is to maintain the anonymity of students’ responses.

Please see the Course Evaluation FAQ page for detailed instructions and additional helpful information.

Public Access

Students may view all SPCI course evaluations (since the fall 2013 term) using the public site; this is often helpful when they are choosing courses to add to their schedule. Students may use the archived portal site to search for course evaluations from fall 2003 through summer 2013 terms, and summary reports from spring 2006 through summer 2013 terms. Earlier evaluations can be found in the paper archives of the respective departments and in the University Archives of Strozier Library on the main campus.

For questions and concerns, please contact Michael Straszewski, Evaluation/Scanning Supervisor, (850) 644-3019; Alex Shin, Assessment and Testing Technical Support Specialist, (850) 645-8361; or Nancy Guidry, ODL Assistant Director for Assessment & Testing, (850) 644-3541.

Midterm and Other Formative Evaluations

Midterm evaluations are a useful tool for gathering feedback from your students while there is time left in the semester to fine-tune your instruction. Also, in Summer 2018, FSU rolled out the Feedback Box tool for ongoing informal student feedback. Learn more about formative evaluation options.