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Migrating Organizations

From Blackboard to Canvas

While Canvas now hosts all of our courses, organizations still have a little more transition time. If you have the "leader" role in a Blackboard organization, you'll have until July 1, 2018, to either move or phase out your Bb org sites.

Currently we have nearly 2,000 organization sites in Blackboard. Our Canvas Support Team has analyzed the sites to identify the leaders, the features used, and the dates of last access. We want to be sure that Blackboard organization leaders who would like to transfer to a course site in Canvas have the information they need and a course site shell to start the migration.

We have also been busy researching alternative platforms that may be a better place for your Blackboard organization materials than a Canvas course site.

Please read the information below and feel free to contact ODL Technical Support if you have additional questions and to get more information about alternative platforms.

Cases where a Canvas course site is a good fit:

  1. If your organization site is an academic organization that provides information, announcements, and/or surveys to participants and/or enrolls users each term using automatic enrollments.
  2. If your organization site is a course of some sort, i.e. student orientation, professional development, job qualification or test practice, etc.
  3. If your organization uses any of the following Blackboard features:
    • Announcements
    • Surveys or quizzes
    • Discussion boards

Cases where you should consider another platform:

  1. If your organization is mainly used to store and/or share documents. Each Canvas course site has a limit of 1,000 MB of storage, so in this case, you should consider these options:
    • Using your own external storage drive
    • Using OneDrive to store and/or share documents with colleagues.
    • Using Office 365 Groups (coming soon) to share and message group members.
    • Using SharePoint to store and share documents with your department.
    • Asking your department technical support for a folder set with user permissions on a shared drive to store and/or share documents.
    • FSU Dropbox to share documents.
  2. If you organization is used to review scholarship applicants or job applicants.
    • Fluid Review will provide a much better platform for this purpose.
  3. If your organization is an SOO (student organization).
    • All student organizations must go through Nole Central first. At that time, students may apply for a link to a Canvas course site if the organization is seeking Canvas features such as discussion boards, robust notifications, and surveys.

Ready to start?

Be sure you have the following information from your Blackboard organization site:

  • Organization ID
  • Organization Name

To find this information:

  1. Login to the Blackboard and choose your organization from the Courses & Orgs tab.
  2. Choose Control Panel, then Content Collection to find your Organization ID:

Contact ODL Technical Support if you need help with this.

Complete the FSU Canvas Organization Request Form to begin your organization transition now!

Additional Resources for using a Canvas Course Site as an Organization