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Content Collection

Blackboard has the Content Collection to store files and share them with colleagues, but Canvas has a more limited Files area meant for instructors.

Canvas's files feature is not a true equivalent to the Content Collection. Canvas doesn't allow you to share files outside of its system or to set group file permissions -- these can only be set on the course level either to students or fellow instructors and TAs.

Therefore, please consider the following alternative options for your content you have stored/shared on Blackboard.

Alternative Storage options for content previously stored on Blackboard:

  • Use your own external storage drive
  • Use a departmental share drive
  • Use OneDrive to store and/or share documents with colleagues.
  • Use Office 365 Groups (coming soon) to share and message group members.
  • Use SharePoint to store and share documents with your department.
  • Use FSU Dropbox to share documents.

Please see our support article on downloading files from Blackboard.

Keep in mind that users will lose access to Blackboard content in Content Collection, course sites, and organization sites on July 1, 2018.

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