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A small group of instructors taught in Canvas during the Summer 2017 semester. During the Fall, Canvas was available for instructors who wished to teach there; Blackboard was available as normal for instructors who were not ready to teach in Canvas. Starting in Spring 2018, all courses have been taught in Canvas. Blackboard will be available for content download and organizational useuntil June 30, 2018. On July 1, Blackboard will be inaccessible to all FSU stakeholders.

  • Canvas Preparation: Set up third-party plugins (e.g., Turnitin, Kaltura, Bb Collaborate) and system processes (automated user creation, course creation, and enrollment scripts).

    April 3-7: Canvas Campus-wide Orientation Week.

    April 4: Open Canvas to all instructors and staff for development of courses and organization sites.

  • Canvas Pilot: Run courses selected for Pilot.

    Provide training opportunities and one-on-one consultations with Instructional Development staff and Technical Support staff.

    Make improvements based on feedback from Canvas Pilot.

    Develop Dev Site and Org Site Request Tools.

    Develop Final Grade Transfer Tool and Observer Tool.

  • Soft Launch: All courses and students populate in Canvas for optional use. (Courses are hidden from students until the instructor publishes them.)

    Continue providing training opportunities and one-on-one consultations.

    Organize one or two large Canvas open house events.

  • Full Launch: All courses are taught in Canvas except for third and fourth year College of Medicine courses.

    January: Course creation, user creation, and enrollments become disabled in Blackboard except for third and fourth year College of Medicine courses. Previous Bb courses, organizations, and Content Collection files remain available temporarily.

  • Blackboard Retirement: License for Blackboard ends July 1, 2018. Access to all Bb courses, organizations, and Content Collection files becomes permanently unavailable.

Learn more about our general strategy and action plan on our Canvas Transition Plan (subject to change).

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