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Florida State is transitioning to a new learning management system (LMS) called Canvas.

Florida State has confidently chosen Canvas as a replacement to its almost 20-year-old Blackboard LMS. Yes, instructors, this means that you will need to migrate some of your courses and files over from Blackboard this year, but it will be well worth your while. Very soon, you and your students will benefit from the elegant simplicity of Canvas. This means less time wasted on technical trouble and more time invested in what you really signed up for: teaching at its best.

So, take a tour of this Canvas Transition Center to get all of your major questions answered, concerns quelled, and hearts invigorated about your new teaching platform. You will learn to love it in no time!

Your FSU Canvas Transition Team

Your FSU Canvas Transition Team

Blackboard Disappears In...

Office of Distance Learning
296 Champions Way
Tallahassee, FL 32306

ODL Technical Support (Blackboard/Canvas)
Assessment & Testing