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Creating and Editing Course Sections

Creating course sections in which students enroll every semester is done in the Curriculum Management subsystem of myFSU Student Central. The process of adding distance learning courses is much the same as adding courses for FSU campus locations, with the exception of affixing a few special codes. Adding these particular codes helps ensure that:

myFSU Student Central Curriculum Management Training:

Contact the Office of the University Registrar directly at 850-644-1050, or email
Roz Davis or Alan Lahtinen.

  • Students find distance learning courses efficiently in the course look-up system.
  • Students are charged the correct tuition and fees.
  • Students from the correct locations and in the correct majors can easily self-enroll.

The Office of the University Registrar provides specialized training to departments before access is granted. After successful training in Curriculum Management Basics and Curriculum Management Advanced, department designees should be ready to correctly create and edit course sections. ODL Academic Program Specialists routinely check departmental entries for accuracy.